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Cross Country Skis

Cross Country Ski Shop 

The best-stocked Ski Shop in Northern Michigan, including a variety of adult cross-country skis and kids cross-country skis. Visit us for all your Cross County Skis and accessories all at low prices. 

At Cross Countrty Ski Shop you will find all the name brands you love and all the accessories to go with your equipment. From cross country skis, cross country ski poles, snowshoes, skate ski boots to ski wax, and cork grips, we have it all to complete your ski and winter outdoor experience. Check out our cross country ski discounts and bargins for great deals!

We offer the following brands and equipment: 

Cross Country Skis: Fischer Cross Country Skis, Rossignol Nordic Skis, & Rossignol Cross Country Skis
Cross Country Ski Poles: Yoko Ski Poles, Nordic Ski Poles, backcountry ski poles, & junior ski poles
Snowshoes: Tubbs Snowshoes, Salomon Skate Skis & Thule Rack Systems
Boots: Nordic Ski Boots, Nordic Skating Boots, Fisher Nordic Boots, Rossignol Nordic Boots, Salomon Nordic Boots & Skate Ski Boots
Accessories: Wax for your equipment, gloves, ski poles, ski bags, and Ski Wax & Toko Ski Wax

Get great deals from our Cross Country Ski Shop. Visit our ski shop in Grayling, Michigan to purchase racing skis and all your cross country ski gear. 

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